just blunt.

_im starting to realize just how fucked i would be if my computer all of a sudden un-learnt all of my passwords. i tried to access a couple things form a school computer and realized that i barely know any of my passwords by heart.

_trying to find a new roommate sucks. i never would of thought that id ever shake my craigslist addiction, but posting and reposting and searching posts for more than just the fun of it has started to make me hate my beloved cl.

_D convinced me to watch Steve Jobs's Standford Convocation speech from a few years back. i hate inspirational speeches, but this guy really got me. "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish". (i suggest you youtube it).

_C and J got me to give twitter another shot. i still dont get how it's different than facebook status. we'll see.

_this semester has it in for me.

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this blog is mostly a place for me to share the songs that i can't seem to get out of my head.