there ain't no cowboy in my hair.

the last little while has been both busy and mind-numbingly dull.
well maybe i shouldn't say that.
went out west for a bit, then drove back homewards through the states. impromptu-roadtrip and 'story you'll tell the grandkids' experiences in north dakota. stopped in on some muchlymissed faces in toronto and caused a frenzy on the bus back to montreal after receiving the news about michael jackson (loud gasps and nosy neighbors = greyhound chaos).
spent the last week and a bit packing up my life (and subsequently amanda's too) only to unpack it three buildings over. now trying to decide if a purple kitchen is overkill.
visiting the family in the forest, nursing a torn ligament and making 5 year plans is the story this past week.
a trip with D to ottawa next weekend to listen to some pretty sounds and mayhaps some super duper escapism in the near near future (that will have me spending time with the ocean and long train rides).

(this song makes me feel 17 again. errrg. dissapointing)

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