so its clearly that time of the semester where i tend to drown myself in Bell Orchestre.
sometimes its pretty much all i can study/read/write to.

Bell Orchestre - Upwards March from Kaveh Nabatian on Vimeo.

(also, ive been spending the last little bit trying to find Who designs Nature's How in torrent form, but all the files ive found have been corrupt...message me if you've found one!)

made it out to expozine today (after a super lovely pretend lunch with courtney)
picked up some great jack dylan prints;

also visited one of my favorite friends/uganda travel buddy/film class date (Shoshana Walfish), who was tabling at expozine.

oh and, heard a man do a pretty phenomenal slam poetry version of a.bird's Fake Palindromes the other night.
i wish i had a video or audio clip to share.
but instead i give you the next best thing;

and now for an evening of writing and jasmine tea.
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