this is the second time that i see someone with one of my tattoos tattooed on them.

the first time, i was waiting for the subway in London (the tube) and upon seeing mine (on my leg), this dreaded-blonde-surfer-australian man ran up to me, pulled up his shirt, showing me the tree spread across his chest. we ended up taking the train together. he got off at Piccadilly. someone had told him that there was the world's best fish'n'chips stand there. i got an email from him about 3 weeks later. apparently the fish gave him food poisoning.

the second time, today, in the library, a guy sitting at the table across from me was dared by his friends to try and hold his ridiculously hefty textbook atop his head for 10 minutes (yea, who knows). and there it was, on the inside of his forearm. (he was only able to hold the book up for about 6 minutes. rather disappointing. i was quietly rooting for him).

not quite sure what to make of it.

on another note, im leaving for ten days in Spain at the end(ish) of february. we're really hoping to make it up to santiago de compostela for a day or two. fingers crossed.
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