for about a week, i spent at least 10-14 hours a day in the library.
4 term assignments due and i was just spent.
so i decided to take a little break these last few days.
no library. no research. no writing. no reading (well sort of).
just catching up on sleep, on silence, on conversations.
(and on laundry.)

ALSO. so i am beyond excited to be attending the Understanding Interfaith Conference in Rochester (NY) next weekend. i haven't had much time to think about it or really get all that excited with all this work, but have been reading up more on the speakers and such in the past few days and im starting to get antsy!

i got the good news that my record player survived the flood.
i cant wait to get it back this summer.
(i've been picking up vinyls here and there these past few months with nowhere to play them.)
just got lost channels (great lake swimmers), and just cant wait.
perfect balcony gardening music, don't you think?



(not quite bon iver, but good great none the less)
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