(never ending snow)

(for people who really don't celebrate christmas, my mom went a little bit all out on this tree business this year. silly, but smells great!)

(biscuit is getting really old. he's 16 and a half now. getting to spend a week uninterrupted with him is beyond words amazing. here's hoping he'll be around next year)

i don't remember the last time i did this little for this long. until today, the snowstorm was so intense that i could barely get outside to walk the dog, let alone actually spend time outside. too many movies, an entire season of In Treatment (got my mom completely addicted), heated scrabble games with my brother, cookie baking, some reading and a lot of "holiday" wine later and im pretty well completely relaxed.
tomorrow i might even leave s.stukely and visit people.
but no promises.


really can't get enough of Laura Marling.
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