so, its official..spending the summer in India. going to get to see Nikki too - i leave early june, but i have so much to do in the mean time - from that hundred pages (or so) that i have left to write to a last quick trip down to new york to say some goodbyes.

according to my itunes, these are the top 4 songs i've listened to this month. you can tell that im in serious writing mode. and also that i need to lay off the Skins soundtracks.

(just kidding, i'd never give up those soundtracks)

on a side note, this has been the week for coming across bizarre article titles. today's winner - "Liberation and Lentils".

and lastly, this saint patrick's day will go down for being one of the most bizarre days in a while. angry meditators, men getting into fights on the bus, stories of kids with grenades on public transit, choosing bourbon over wine and some of the weirdest news i've gotten all year.

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