a friday night spent with your favourite roommate watching the wire is, by far, the best way to end a long week of work and India stress. top that off with a few pieces of amazing news today and a bit of haagen-dazs for dessert and, really, how can one complain.

and now for something a little different than what i usually post.
(added bonus, I get to practice my Hebrew when listening to him)

(his musical rendition of Bialik's El Hatzipor is my itunes #1 most listened to songs)


with school being over and done with (for now), i've been able to get to that pile of books i've been collecting over the past 8 months. starting off with some Steinbeck and then to kazuo ishiguro's short fiction.
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this blog is mostly a place for me to share the songs that i can't seem to get out of my head.