at first being back was this really lovely experience of reconnecting and excitement. then things took a turn - not for the worse by any means - but for the real. it wasn't just about grabbing breakfasts and lattes to catch up, but about dealing with the things that were easy to store away in your inbox when you're gone.
and in all, this past week has been more humbling than anything.
humbling because im coming to realize the sheer magnitude of some of the connections that i have here in montreal (and even elsewhere). this past summer a friend asked me where i got my strength from and it's becoming quite clear that so much of it comes from some of these people that i have in my life, whose friendships have taken a lot of work over the years, but have so solidly helped me find my balance in all this silliness.

anyways, im not quite sure what song best fits this rather un-characteristicly bloggy-blog post, so im going to give you the four songs that itunes says are my most listened to this week.

(actually, its a top-5 list, but im not quite sure if im willing to admit the last song...so im replacing it with this..)

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