im really not a very nostalgic person, but the thing that definitely brings it out in me is when im reminded of those late afternoons and evenings spent with my parents and brother in our family home out in the woods. using absolutely every dish, pot, pan and utensil while making amazing dinners. watching my dad spend at least 30 minutes fumbling to try and set up the projector so that we can watch a movie projected on the wall instead of on our already big screen tv. drinking mixed whiskey drinks that never have enough juice or always have too much ice with my brother down by the lake, no matter the season. watching the almost weekly fireworks show that our neighbor's, who may of just been the very inspiration behind the term "pure-laine", put on over the tree tops.
and for some reason, this bout of nostalgia has been brought on by this here tune:

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this blog is mostly a place for me to share the songs that i can't seem to get out of my head.