winter break.
after exams, funerals and a bit of mourning, i can finally enjoy my own company. i seemed to of forgotten just what good company i was. i throw a mean impromptu (pajama) dance party (thank you tv on the radio), create culinary masterpieces (thank you canned soup and Soba Sushi take-out) and spearhead the most stimulating conversations (thank you Django for listening to me call you a thousand pet names all day).

all that to say, i have a new roof (four new walls too!). new space. (more space). space! space to breathe, space to be, space to call my own (not yours, or yours or his!). space to start anew. suits me all qutie well i would say. i get to be home now.

the last few days have been full of phenomenal breakfast dates with lovelies, happily trudgings through the snow while listening to The Books, rediscovering forgotten itunes files, catching up on all things blattman, making travel plans, dreaming of leeds, geneva and gulu (not for the places themselves, but for the people in them), collecting paint chips and deciding on colors, watching ER episodes from yesteryears, winning a war against a wireless reuter and nailing about a thousand nails in walls.

two weeks until real life starts up again, and i think i just might be well rested and awake!

and now i leave you with this. enjoy!
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