came home today. what a relief. i really needed out of that city.
drove into Waterloo to get a (christmas) tree for a holiday we don't even celebrate anymore. but it was fun to indulge in strings of lights and homemade ornaments from grade 3.
in the process of digging up all the boxes for the trimming of the tree, i spent quite a bit of time sifting through my brother's stuff (records, old art pieces, old books) not to mention decidedly scored a new (his) old microwave and a living room table. thanks christian (you can have it all back). Oh Bermuda!

earlier today, i was standing on the sidewalk waiting for my mom to come pick me up and had a white hamper with me (can't turn down free laundry), and 5 seperate walker-byers came up to me and said "Laundry Day?!". some smiled and kept walking, others stood there expecting me to tell them my life/laundry story(ies). all i wanted was to not be standing on sherbrooke street in my pyjamas (my mother was 20 minutes late. thanks mom.)

ive been reading alot of farley mowat lately. its making me miss Nunavut.
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