as we speak, i am at Schiphol airport, waiting for my flight to barca to board.
there seem to be more perfume stores in the place than there are wrists to spritz.

what started off as a pain in the ass day-long layover, ended up being fabulous. not only did i decide to go into Amsterdam to explore, but my friend giancarlo from florence (from when lived there that one summer a few years back) just happened to be in town visiting some friends.
needless to say, by 2pm local time, i had already boated, biked and moped-ed my way all around this city.
and oooooh boy.
i fell hard for this place.
(i think im going to have to find a good chunk of time to come back here this summer maybe).

they just called the first boarding call for my flight, and my internet time is running out. in 3 hours, i will be good and settled and looking at the ocean.


midterms and essays and work already seems so far away.

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