skyped my brother in bermuda. its still weird to think he lives there now. can't wait to be there in february. who would of thought, mariel going to bermuda - mariel in the carribean. truly the last place id ever think i would want to go to, but it'll be well worth it. i have to admit that the thought of not wearing three pairs of socks and longjohns, even for a week, is quite exciting! (almost as exciting as being back in wonderful hot uganda this summer!). ive been doing some searching on things to do in Hamilton (bermuda, not ontario..oh thank god!) and apparently there are a bunch of slave trade museums and bermuda triangle centers and crystal caves. phiew...i think a week of being on the beach would kill me.

there hasn't been any christmas playing in my house. nothing but elvis. oh i miss my family.

im going to go traipsing through the woods with seba now. mmmm.
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